Mohamed Muhannad

Hey there! I'm a Systems Engineer from the Maldives. I started my career in IT from helpdesk, to systems administrator, to systems engineer, over the span of about 10 years. I love solving technology problems and building solutions with new or trusted technologies. In my current role, I have been involved in planning, deploying and maintaining IT infrastructure and business critical software.

My current goals are to learn and seek opportunities in the field of cloud engineering, DevOps practices, automation and software development.

This resume website is the result of following that initiative, where I attempted the Cloud Resume Challenge. You can read about how I managed to complete it in my blog post.


2020 AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate (SAA) Verify
2020 AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Verify
2016 VMware Certified Professional 6 - Datacenter Virtualization Verify
2008 - 2011 BSc in Information Technology (Networking)
Sunway University (Malaysia)


Cloud Solutions

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Office365 solutions

Languages and Tools

  • Python / NodeJS / Bash / Powershell
  • Git (Github/Gitlab) / JIRA
  • Nagios / Cacti / Grafana for monitoring
  • Docker
  • Ansible

Operating Systems

  • Microsoft Windows 10, Server 2012, Server 2016
  • Linux (Ubuntu / CentOS)
  • MacOS

Software Solutions

  • Web application architecture (open source, NGINX, Apache, PHP, MySQL, SSL setup)
  • VMware vSphere infrastructure virtualization (v6, 6.5, 6.7) / vROps
  • Microsoft Active Directory / DNS / DHCP / File Server

Hardware Platforms

  • DELL EMC Servers, Storage and Networking equipment
  • Cisco Networking equipment
  • Mikrotik Networking equipment
  • Ubiquiti / Ruckus Wireless equipment
  • Synology / QNAP storage servers
  • Environment Monitoring systems
  • Vertiv Precision Cooling equipment
  • APC / Vertiv UPS equipment


2005 - Present Allied Insurance Company of the Maldives Pvt. Ltd.
Position: Senior Systems Engineer


  • Handling day-to-day operations of IT related work (helpdesk, system and network administration, procuring new equipment etc.) as a leader of the technical team.
  • Managing infrastructure and web applications (e-commerce and internal) critical to business operations.
  • Managing the network infrastructure for the organization. Branch office connections, Internet connectivity etc.
  • Maintaining controlled external access to company hosted services/applications through Internet, SIP services, private networks, Government Network of Maldives.
  • Implementing monitoring metrics of IT services.
  • Planning of work and assignment to staff.
  • Planning and compilation of annual budgeting for the department.


  • Initiated adoption of container-based development (Docker) for web applications within the development team.
    • Started implementing continuous-integration (CI) pipelines in self hosted Gitlab.
    • Conducted training for members of the team.

  • • Administration of Windows and Linux servers hosting customer facing and business-critical web applications and databases.
    • Preparing VM / instance templates and provisioning them when required.
    • Ensured that configuration was standardized using automation tools Powershell/Bash/Ansible.
    • Deploy multiple PHP web applications in a tiered architecture, on-premises and AWS cloud.
    • Manage MySQL database operations, with synchronous replication and automated backups to ensure availability and timely recovery.
    • Configuring hardware firewall rules to allow controlled access to web applications from the Internet.
    • Implemented ALB and NGINX web load balancers with SSL termination as number of apps increased.
    • Enabled host/service status and performance monitoring using Nagios, Cacti and Grafana.

  • Designed and deployed network infrastructure with centrally managed wireless access for new head office, branch offices (Mikrotik, Cisco Catalyst and Ruckus equipment) and datacenter.
    • Re-design of physical and logical network segments and addressing schemes.
    • Internet traffic management (web filtering, bandwidth management).
    • Improved the management, ease of access and security aspects.

  • Design and deployed datacenter network to support virtualization infrastructure and connectivity to various external networks (Mikrotik, DELL N-Series and Force10, Sophos, Endian equipment).
    • Re-design of datacenter network to support virtualization infrastructure, with separate data and storage networks.
    • Improved WAN access to Internet, SIP network, Gov Network by aggregating connections to redundant firewalls.
    • Improved availability and reliability of the datacenter network.

  • Design and deployed a new virtualized infrastructure (vSphere 6 with vROps) and storage systems that supports all the IT services (5 host vSphere cluster with DELL EMC Blade Servers and Compellent iSCSI Storage). This ensured a reliable and efficient IT infrastructure that can provide high-availability and quick deployment times for different applications and systems.
    • Implemented backup software and processes so that data are protected (Veeam Backup & Replication).
    • Implemented a disaster recovery datacenter with adequate resources to cater for availability of critical systems in emergency cases.

  • Actively involved in planning and implementation of a new datacenter (Vertiv SmartRow Solution with 3 equipment racks and redundant power and cooling) for the organization that improved the reliability and cost-efficiency of operating a datacenter.

  • Administration of Active Directory services.
    • Setup of multiple DC and DNS services along with DHCP failover. Managed the upgrade of AD infrastructure to Windows Server 2016

  • Managed the migration project of organization to Office365 platform. (Exchange Server DAG, Hybrid Setup, Email migration)

  • Standardized procurement process that conforms to policies and developed good relations with various IT vendors to make sure organization procurement requirements are met in a timely manner.

  • Involved in the preparation of IT policies, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity documentation.

2010 NextAxis Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia)
Position: Internship


  • Involved in deploying and troubleshooting Cisco and Huawei routing and switching products, Fortinet firewall and troubleshooting networking issues at customers’ site.
  • PoC demonstration of edgeBOX (a Unified Communications Solution) for SMB customers.


June 2020 Serverless Resume Website


  • Completed the Cloud Resume Challenge
  • Created a resume website using resources on AWS.
  • Basic HTML/CSS/Javascript front end, with a Python back end using API Gateway, Lambda function and DynamoDB.
  • Used Serverless Framework and CloudFormation templates to deploy the back end and front end resources.
  • Configured CI/CD using Github Actions to update resources on code commit.
June 2020 Serverless Telegram Notification Bot


  • Created a ‘serverless’ Telegram chat bot on AWS for notifications. (Github)
  • NodeJS backend, utilized Telegraf bot framework, enabled Jest unit testing.
  • Used Serverless framework to automate deployment.
  • Configured CI/CD using Github Actions to test build on code commit.
May 2019 Dhivehi Viuga Pvt. Ltd.


  • Deployment of HPE Simplivity HCI Solution for Crossroads Maldives (resort property).
  • vSphere configuration for high availability, storage, VM templates for clusters at 3 sites (6 nodes).
  • Support for Simplivity software deployment.
Nov 2018 Mikrotik Router Traffic Counter


  • Created a small app to collect traffic data from Mikrotik Routers. (Github)
  • Used PHP for application and SQLite database for storage.